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This listing is to enter your pet in the 2023 Inktober Lottery. There are only 31 slots available for purchase. Please only purchase one slot per pet. If slots do not fill up, I will announce the ok to purchase more than one slot per pet on my Instagram. Lastly, please leave your human or pet IG Account Handle in the notes/comments section at checkout along with the names of the pets you're purchasing a slot for! :-)

✸ The images in this listing are from a previous year. This year will be drawn in a similar style but with a different limited color palette which is still being decided on.

✸ Those who secure a spot WILL have their pet drawn, your purchase guarantees an illustration. Pets will be assigned a prompt at random via the Name Wheel! It'll be surprise as to what prompt your pet will get and you won't know until the date of the prompt.

✸ You will be sent a digital copy (PNG, Transparent PNG, and JPG) for PERSONAL USE ONLY to the email provided to me at checkout.

✸ Since the entry fee is on the cheaper end, revisions and edits will not be allowed :-( Unless it's a really really really big booboo then ok, I fix for you LOL.

✸ For this year's Inktober challenge, I'll be using the PEACHTOBER prompt list:

1. Bee
2. Cosmos
3. Sweet
4. Grub
5. Sprig
6. Eye
7. Crater
8. Dream
9. Blue
10. Citrus
11. Pencil
12. Nest
13. Ship
14. Garden
15. Weather
16. Sidekick
17. Blush
18. Snooze
19. Candle
20. Bulb
21. Slingshot
22. Tunnel
23. Message
24. Wand
25. Coral
26. Ladybug
27. Pond
28. Chomp
29. Float
30. Moss
31. Spooky

** Art posts on my Instagram (Mizuwariko) will begin on October 1st