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Custom Digital Pet Portaits - Waitlist Sign Up, Details & Links ONLY

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Custom Digital Pet Portaits - Waitlist Sign Up, Details & Links ONLY


How Does The Process Work?
✸Kindly read over all the details on this page before filling out and submitting an order form.

✸If commissions are being accepted, please fill out the form using the Pet Portrait Order Form link provided at the bottom of the page.

✸ My order form will automatically close after all slots have been filled.

✸How often I reopen my order form will be determined by how quickly I can get through my orders.

✸I work on portraits in the order in which they were received. If you're interested in following the visual queue (Trello), there is a link provided at the bottom of this page.

✸ If your form is accepted, I will add you to the Trello queue within 48 hours. When your name reaches the top of the list, I will contact you directly via Instagram (or email if you do not have one) to invoice you and collect payment.

✸ You will have until the payment due date listed on the invoice to submit payment either by Paypal or Venmo. If payment is not received by the end of that date, I will cancel your commission request and remove you from the list.

✸ Prior to submitting the final product, I will show you a snapshot for review/feedback. I only allow one round of minor revisions (ie; eye size or color, missing facial markings...)

✸ The final product will be three 3600 x 3600 px (12"x12") digital files which will be emailed to the address that was provided on the order form. These file types include: (1) High Quality PNG, (1) High Quality Transparent PNG, (1) JPG.

What Will I Need From You?
✸Just so there are no surprises, please be ready to answer these questions prior to filling out your form:

- Will I be able to contact you? A valid email address or Instagram handle is required. If I cannot get in touch with you, I will cancel your order.

- Do you have multiple pets? How many pets will you be requesting to be on a single canvas? (I am currently accepting up to 3 heads per canvas. It will be $75 USD per additional head. Please keep in mind that if you plan to have more than one head on a single canvas, the background may not be as visible versus if you were to order one canvas per pet). Or will you be ordering multiple canvases? You will need to fill out multiple forms - one per order.

- Who are your furbabies? What are their names? What are they like? What kinds of things do they enjoy? Do they have any physical characteristics or special traits that you'd like for me to highlight in the portrait?

- Would you like me to include any accessories such as leis, bandanas, collars, etc? This service is provided at no extra charge. If there is a specific accessory that you own and would like me to include it in the portrait, please be prepared to provide reference photos of this item.

- I offer two different background choices, which one will you be choosing? A background with only a single-color circle will start at $100 USD. I can do either solid colors or an ombre/gradient effect. If you'd like me use a specific color, please be ready to provide the name of this color or hex code. Custom backgrounds with detail work start at $150 USD and will increase with difficulty. You will be required to provide a description of your desired background. If this field is left incomplete, I will not take your order form into consideration. I will not be taking any revisions to your request after it has been submitted. It will be up to you how much detail you'd like to include in your description, but as I always say, the more detail the better. If you need help thinking up of ideas, you can view previously completed pet portraits by clicking on the Pet Portrait Example link on the bottom of the page.

- Do you have good quality photos of your pets? Please be ready with 3-5 reference photos of each pet. If you'd like to share more, please do! I prefer photos to be taken under natural lighting and from multiple angles at your pet's eye-level. The more detail I can see in the photos, the better I can translate your pet onto the canvas.

✸ For those who would like a head start, below is a link to a form you can fill out ahead of time. There are two ways you can submit this form:

1) Save your own copy of this form and upload it directly from your google drive/pc onto the order form
2) Save your own copy of this form and paste a link to it onto the form before submitting. If you do it this way, please double check that I will have access to it.

Filling out this form is not necessary but it is recommended for quicker data entry and submission. You are more than welcome to use this form in the future if you do not end up getting a commission spot the first time.

Business Days and Turnaround Time
✸Business days are Monday-Friday. I do not work on weekends or Major US holidays.

✸Turnaround times will vary from person to person. Please keep in mind that I work with multiple clients at a time. Some portraits may require more time depending on my workload. Please follow the Trello queue if you'd like to stay updated about your portrait.

Terms and Conditions
✸ All digital pet portraits will be illustrated in my style.

✸ Removal of my watermark / signature from the final piece is prohibited.

✸ No changes to your order will be allowed once your order form is submitted.

✸ I will send you a preview of the portrait for review and edits prior to finalizing your portrait. One round of revisions for minor alterations will be allowed.

✸ Commissions are not to be used for commercial use unless a commercial fee has been paid for. Otherwise, feel free to use the image as you please for personal use.

✸ I am allowed to post or promote your commissioned pieces on my social media. If the commissioned piece is a gift, you can request that I hold off posting until the gift has been received.

✸ I have the right to refuse or terminate any project at my own discretion unless it has been already paid for.

✸ Cancellations can be requested at anytime but once payment has been made, no refunds will be issued.

Pet Portrait Order Form (Google Forms)

Pet Portrait Reference and Description Form (Google Docs)

Trello (Pet Portrait Visual Queue)

Pet Portrait Examples